KUST: Is Unparalleled in Academics and Innovations

The Kano University of Science and Technology, Wudil (KUST), seems to have dramatically and consistently surpassed its contemporaries in terms of academic excellence, technological advancements and scientific innovations.

In an exclusive interview with Muhammad Abbas Abdullahi, one of the principal researchers, who made a stunning discovery of organic gas from animal wastes, did grandiloquently project KUST to the status of an indomitable academic citadel – in terms of science, technology and discovery. Excerpts:

Sir, can I meet you?

I am Muhammad Abbas Abdullahi. I am the Chief Technologist overseeing all the Laboratories of Biology Department, KUST.

What is biogas?

Well, biogas is a form of energy source, which typically refers to a mixture of gases produced by the breakdown of any organic matter. It is usually produced from readily available raw materials such as animal wastes, human and recycled (mostly from plants) wastes.

Could you please tell us what really prompted your decision to delve into this project?

This is to promote biogas for cheap and clean energy that is less hazardous to rural households. In view of the critical challenges in the areas of energy availability, sustainability, accessibility and affordability, which continue to bedevil urban and rural communities in the country.

What benefits do you think this project has to deliver to the immediate environs and the nation at large?

This will create a lot of job opportunities and generate income for farmers, who engage in crop cultivation and animal rearing, especially cattle rearing and poultry keeping, where cow dung and chicken droppings collected from those animals will in turn be used to produce biogas energy.

Do you need any assistance from the public, the private sector, government, NGOs and what have you in order to boost this stunning project?

This is necessary for the government that cares about its people, to create an easy way of life to its people by given out a lot of money to embark on researches or total implementation of research work done by the various research institutions, so that the responsibility of the Government would be reduced, engagement of the government into issues, attract NGO’s, companies and public to dowel into the system in order to make reality.

Supposing all the assistance required is given; to do think the university management (KUST) can sustain the project?

Due to low biogas production as a means of alleviating the environmental and public health threats and also generating  suitable, sustainable and renewable energy source, that the government should establish a large scale plant for biogas production which can promisingly provide the source of energy in the respective sectors at a cheaper rate than the commercial acetylene gas.

Quite sure! Kano University of Science and Technology, Wudil, is capable of sustaining this project, only it is sufficiently funded. This is because the work force is there. For instance, if you look at the humble and able PhD and Technical personnel, the university acquired.

Do you have a word of advice to other tertiary institutions in creating novel projects like yours?

The university should not only be a Teaching and learning avenue, rather it should be an avenue of initiatives, creative reformations centre looking at the initiatives creative and Technological reform rendered by the various universities and research institutions in the world, this is a great challenge to the Nigerian universities, and people with initiatives should be encouraged and motivated by the government.

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