AUTOMOBILES: History of their Evolution


Automobiles are engine-powered vehicles, like buses and trucks. Only 100 years ago, there were very few automobiles. Now, about 60 million new vehicles are built worldwide each year. Automobiles forever changed the way people live, work, and travel.

Horseless Carriage

The first automobiles looked a lot like horse carriages. This early car, called a horseless carriage, was introduced in 1893.


People in the 1800s didn’t know what to think about a new invention called the automobile. No one was sure it would catch on. In those days, people often travelled in carriages pulled by horses. So when the first automobiles appeared, people nicknamed them “horseless carriages.”

The first automobiles looked a lot like horse carriages. That was the style people knew. But the automobile soon took on a look that was all its own. The modern automobile has a hood and fenders. It has a roof, sides, and four wheels. It has seats where the driver and passengers sit. Modern automobiles are commonly called cars or autos.

Few machines are as important as cars. You can ride to school in one. Adults can drive one to work. You can drive in a car to shopping malls. You can take long vacations traveling in an automobile.

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