CURING PROSTITIS: The Secrets Pharmaceutical Industries and Doctors will not let You know


ActiPotens, a new drug, has for nearly two (2) years now been helping men in America to completely get rid of prostatitis, which causes erectile dysfunction. For the first time, medicine has achieved with only one drug such a powerful therapeutic and regenerating effect. Its effectiveness is several times superior to other drugs designed to treat prostatitis and improve potency, including Viagra, since it not only causes an instant erection immediately after intake, but also restores the natural potency. It does not have any side effects – absolutely none; so, be rest assured! However, only few people know about it.

What is Prostate (not Prostrate)?

First and foremost, prostate is a walnut-sized gland located between the bladder and the penis (in men). It is just in front of the rectum.   It weighs about 30g. It is a muscular gland that surrounds the urethra – tube that carries urine from the bladder to the penis. It secretes fluid that nourishes and protects sperm. Moreover, during ejaculation, prostate squeezes this fluid into the urethra, and it is then expelled with sperm as semen.

The vasa deferentia (sing. vas deferens) bring sperm from the testes to the seminal vesicles. The seminal vesicles contribute fluid to semen during ejaculation.

What is Prostitis?

Prostitis on the other hand, is the inflammation or abnormal swelling of the prostate. It is sometimes caused by infection, injury, or immune system disorder. It is typically treated with antibiotics.

Comparative Analysis of Actipotens and Viagra

For the sake of comparison, we have listed it along with a popular drug (Viagra), which claims to treat the same disease (prostitis) below:


  1. causes an artificial or abnormal erection, lasting for 2-6 hours only

Side Effects         

  1. destroys blood vessels and heart muscle
  2. increases the risk of heart attack and stroke by 5-7 times
  3. causes swelling of the genitals, hypoglycaemia, and urination problems
  4. persisting headaches
  5. intestinal disorders
  6. tachycardia
  7. insomnia
  8. lifelong impotence


  1. renal failure
  2. hypersensitivity
  3. acute chronic prostatitis

With caution:

  1. hemorrhoids
  2. diabetes
  3. asthma


It causes an abnormal stagnation of blood in the penis, due to which the penis does not go soft.


It contains sildenafil, glucosamine hydrochloride and other substances, resulting from chemical processing. That is to say, it is not purely natural; thus, may present grave side effects.


  1. It effectively treats prostatitis and restores natural potency for a long time
  2. It enhances libido
  3. It increases the duration of sexual intercourse
  4. It strengthens the vessels
  5. It protects the heart
  6. It causes long remission with prostatitis
  7. It improves the overall physical condition
  8. It completely eradicates pains, aches, burning in the groin and lower back, as well as cures the inflammation of prostate

Side Effects




Pledge by the Manufacturers of Actipotens

The manufacturer of Actipotens promises that the problems that the prostate gland can cause can be positively influenced with this product. The compound should positively influence the functions of the prostate gland. This is intended to reduce three risks arising from changes in the prostate. This means that impotence should be prevented by taking the product. Furthermore, infertility should also be prevented. Ultimately, the risks for the development of prostate cancer should be reduced too when using the compound. At the same time, recurring side effects resulting from reduced prostate activity are eliminated and mental and physical fatigues are reduced, immunity and well-being are increased.

Why they will not let you know of Its Existence

European pharmacy immediately started to market the product, and to date, it is the absolute leader on both targeted for medical polls and anonymous population surveys. So, why cannot we still find it on the pharmacy shelves? Only the representatives of the pharmaceutical industry can answer this question.

To find out the truth, we asked Gabriel Adebayo, CEO of a leading drugstore chain.

“Gabriel, are you familiar with the drug ActiPotens? How can you explain that pharmacies massively ignore it?” (Manufacturers of Actipotens)

“It all makes sense. Although the pharmaceutical industry should provide the population with new more effective drugs, one must keep in mind that this remains a business. This is especially true in case of the pharmacy chains – these monopolies make billions of dollars and reducing the volumes would make them suffer serious losses!

ActiPotens has passed full certification and all the major players in the pharmacy industry know it for sure. Remember, the main thing is that it treats prostatitis and thereby restores the natural potency as a consequence of this disease, and doesn’t just give a temporary effect! It means that a person will not come back for more. That is, the volume will decrease! What kind of businessman could afford this?

Indeed, if everyone is healthy, who will need all these medicines? Pharmacies will simply go bankrupt, since there are ‘fed’ by ordinary people! Sadly, this is the truth.

Unfortunately, in our country we have to forage ourselves for really helpful medicines, nobody will tell you about them that easily! And don’t even hope to see these capsules advertised on TV. Europeans and Americans will be healthy and enjoy the life whereas we will return to run to the chemist every month.

So far there’s only one way to take care of yourself through ordering ActiPotens on the official website of the manufacturer” – Gabriel revealed.

Composition of the Product

It is made from natural plant components, vitamins and herbal extracts that had not been chemically processed. The product is purely natural and is without the use of chemical ingredients. The formula is based on a combination of five (5) active ingredients carefully selected to give the best results for the malady in men (prostitis). However, there could be other natural substances, which must have been deliberately concealed probably to prevent production of its counterfeits by fraudulent companies.

The ingredients include the following:

  1. Lycopene – a powerful antioxidant that prevents cellular change
  2. Raspberry – reduces inflammation, swelling and pain
  3. Galangal – has antibacterial and antitumor properties to prevent prostate cancer
  4. Euryale ferox – increases male potency and counteracts any urinary discomfort
  5. Tribulus terrestris

To boot, Tribulus terrestris, which is one out of the many ingredients, has important active agents, which have an effect in Actipotens. These are the saponins, which are considered to be libido-stimulating, erection-promoting as well as testosterone-increasing and also blood-sugar-reducing. Tribulus terrestris contained in Actipotens is also used by athletes to increase testosterone levels and provide an aphrodisiac effect. Among the effective saponins in Tribulus terrestris, it is predominantly protodioscin that has positive effects in men and can also help to prevent prostatitis. Tribulus terrestris has already been researched some time ago in order to favorably influence a lack of libido and erectile dysfunction. It is now known that some saponins contained in the natural substance release the messenger substance NO, i.e. nitric oxide, which promotes blood circulation within the erectile tissue in the penis and can thus improve blood circulation.

As early as the 1970s, a clinical study on the effect of Tribulus terrestris was carried out in Bulgaria. Here, 212 male test persons participated. Approximately 80 percent of the subjects responded to the therapy with tribulus terrestris within the study. They reported that both their erectile function and libido (sexual desire) increased within the use of Tribulus terrestris.

Recent studies have also shown an increase in erectile function and improved blood circulation in the penis has also been demonstrated by Doppler sonography. Today, Tribulus terrestris is considered to be an active ingredient that has tremendous effects on masculinity in a purely natural way, and without the use of chemically active preparations.

For Men of what Age is Actipotens suitable?

The product is aimed at men who are in the classical age for prostate problems. This is usually the case from the age of 40. In this phase of life, problems arise with the organ in many men. This can be an irritable bladder or a delayed urine stream. From the age of 50, many men’s problems with the prostate increase once again. Therefore, as a preventive and natural remedy, the preparation is aimed at men who not only want to eliminate, but who also want to prevent the symptoms, which usually increase with advancing age, even at a younger age.

Working Mechanism of Actipotens

Tribulus Terrestris Tribulus terrestris is а plant widely used for a variety of potential health benefits and is known to help enhance libido, keep the urinary tract healthy and reduce swelling, as well as helps increase the production of testosterone. ActiPotens is a natural phytocomplex, which quickly and efficiently normalizes the functions of the prostate and increases potency.

ActiPotens simultaneously works in four (4) directions: 1. It has antibacterial effect; 2. It normalises the work of prostate; 3. It prevents the development of abnormal cells in prostate and urinary tract, and 4. It normalises erectile function. In addition, the unique ActiPotens’s plant formula stimulates immunity, improves overall well-being, removes mental and physical fatigue, and increases efficiency

The product acts as antibacterial agent, for example to prevent prostatitis promotes the activity of the prostate gland erectile functions are promoted, potency is thus retained reduces the formation of degenerate cells that can lead to prostate cancer

The product is provided in capsule form. This means that the active ingredients can be taken quickly and easily at any time and in any place. The manufacturer’s recommendation is that one capsule should be taken daily. If problems such as burning while urinating or other symptoms already exist, these should already reduce after taking the first capsule. However, the intake should not only be used for the elimination of complaints, instead the manufacturer recommends that the product should be used permanently to prevent further prophylactic problems with the prostate gland.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Actipotens


  1. It provides purely natural rapid effects
  2. It has rapid after taking for the first time
  3. The functioning of the prostate gland is positively influenced
  4. Potency is positively accelerated
  5. The antibacterial effects of the product tremendously mitigate the risk of inflammation in the prostate, bladder and urinary tract, and
  6. It arrests the formation of abnormal cells; thus, preventing the development of cancer.


  1. It is relatively expensive
  2. There is no empirical scientific evidence for the product’s efficacy

Does Actipotens have well-established risks after consumption?

The manufacturer does not give any information about risks and side effects when taking the product. This will be due to the fact that it works on a purely natural basis and does not contain any chemical ingredients that usually cause side effects.

General Actipotens Review

The effect of ActiPotens has been proven by 5 years of clinical trials, at the final stage of which the remedy was tested on 1753 volunteers. 100% of the subjects got rid of prostatitis and potency problems. Oddly enough, 42% of the subjects were considered to be hopeless chronic impotent. None of the currently available drugs can provide similar results. Thus remedy restores the natural potency, and not just temporarily fills the penis with blood.

According to the manufacturer, the product should be effective as soon as it is taken for the first time. It is also purely natural. Another special feature is that the product combines various effects. Prostate activity is supported, it has an antibacterial effect against infections, it has a positive effect on erectile functions and due to its ingredients it should also be able to prevent the formation of degenerate cells and thus prevent the dreaded prostate cancer that affects many men of advanced age. The product can also be used to help with existing problems such as increased urination or burning during urination. The preparation can also be taken as a preventive treatment for long-term use to prevent prostate problems. There are no age restrictions for the intake, because the product can already ensure that prostate problems do not occur in the first place, even in younger men. The manufacturer also agrees that no addictive effect results from the intake.

However, verifiable and scientifically proven effects are not mentioned on the entire manufacturer’s website and the effect of Tribulus terrestris and its effects on the erectile functions of men must be researched elsewhere.

Diagnosis Procedure

Please, check to see if you have any of the following signs:

  1. Frequent urination both in the daytime and at night
  2. Discomfort and burning sensation in the groin
  3. Pain in the lower back, in the pelvis, at the top part of the thighs
  4. Sexual disorder (sexual dysfunction – SD)
  5. Premature ejaculation
  6. Erection problems
  7. Increased fatigue
  8. Passing urine in small quantities

If the above-named signs are detected, then you have PROSTATITIS

The following are the GRAVE consequences of Prostatitis

  1. Impotence
  2. Infertility
  3. Prostate Cancer

Preventing Prostitis

Empirical clinical findings reveal that over 30 million men suffer from prostate infections, and many do not take proper measures treat it simply for fear of shame. The simple truth is that a specialist doctor (urologist) may advise you on preventing and treating prostate disease; however, the option of undertaking annual checkup routines for at least once after six (6) months in a year should not be ruled out.

Dosage and Direction of use

How to use: Take 1 capsule with a glass of water (200 ml) when needed (when you feel fatigue and fear under-performance in bed), usually after meal. For long lasting results take 1 capsule per day for 2 months.

Duration of the Effect/Action 

Upon completion of the course, the achieved effect is permanent

NB: Remember that prostatitis often shows no symptoms. ActiPotens must be taken by every man over 30 years every six months to prevent prostatitis. Actipotens will help you. Ninety-six percent (96%) of your friends are satisfied with the efficacy and efficiency of the supplement.

Costs of the product

When a customer places order for a pack of the product (containing 10 capsules); he/she pays 150 US Dollars. If three packs (containing 30 capsules) are purchased; the customer pays a discount price of only 300US Dollars instead of the regular 450 US Dollars. If five pack (containing 50 capsules) are ordered simultaneously; the discount price is 450 US Dollars instead of 500 US Dollars.


“ActiPotens was subject to a number of studies in our institute, the results were awesome. I think we will use it in our medical practice soon.”

Okafor Balogun (Head of Urology Department, MD, Professor)

“ActiPotens has long been used abroad; this is a real medical breakthrough! Our pharmacists are outrageous!”

Banjoko Obi (Leading Urologist, MD, Professor)

“I’m not surprised, no one will help you, and you have to get out of the trouble by yourself” – Colzy Oni

“Big thanks to the manufacturers of ActiPotens and also for the detailed article. I tried this remedy myself about half a year ago. Prostatitis was killing me; I had no erections and was nearly ready to accept it. Being 53 years old, it is not uncommon. I followed the treatment for almost 2 months. From the very first time I felt a pleasant swelling between my legs, and a couple of days later I was making my wife happy, which hadn’t happen for more than 7 years. I have ordered another pack; I’ll repeat the course just in case. Thanks again” – Toheeb Eze

“I’m with you! ActiPotens is a great remedy. Erection problems have started regularly bothering me the last year. First I took viagra, but it gave me a severe headache, blood pressure has gone up, once I even had real bad diarrhoea. I had to stop it and recently found out about ActiPotens. It’s times better than Viagra. The erectile function has completely recovered. It’s hard like back in my young years. Every man should try! You’ll be surprised” – Isaac Adeyemi

“These greedy pharmacy bastards, they trade with people’s health and think it is normal!!!! They don’t even feel sorry! They are already super rich, but they still want to make money on our health” – Kemi Okereke

“I ordered yesterday on the official website. I hope it helps because my husband has prostatitis and can’t do anything in bed; it’s been almost a year now!” – Stella Akinyemi

“ActiPotens is great, way better than Viagra” – Danladi Okafor

“I also used ActiPotens, I liked it. I often had no hard-on because of prostatitis, especially after a couple of drinks. I decided to follow the full course. Now even the morning erection is back, which I didn’t have for ages” – Habib Pepple

“I better say it now before I forget! Maybe my advice helps some people. While taking ActiPotens, take vitamins, omega 3 is particularly good, the effect is awesome! My husband is 50 soon, but he is like a young guy again, he does all this stuff in bed, he didn’t have that much energy even back in young years!” – Laye Hassan

“I saw a TV show the other day where they were talking about the Erectile Dysfunction remedies. Many doctors recommended ActiPotens. It must really help” – Umar Chukwu

“I often have a hard-on now) plus, sex has improved a lot, it’s gotten a lot longer and it’s more fun. Generally speaking, sex after taking ActiPotens is so much different. It even cured my prostatitis. Try it just once, and you will understand what I mean” – Babangida Ali

“Well, doctors are also hard to believe, especially in private surgeries, where they look at you like if you were a walking wallet. It’s not sold in pharmacies, which doesn’t help. Do whatever you want!” – Musa Okonkwo

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